A New Financial Year & A New Competitive Advantage!

“What’s your competitive advantage?”

It’s a question often asked by organisations in the process of refining a field of specialised suppliers to find the “right fit”. It’s a question that drives introspection and an understanding of the company’s DNA that underpins relationships with clients and suppliers that, in G&O’s case, span decades.

Naturally, we find ourselves aligning with suppliers that support our success. One such relationship was with Martin Forrer who started Elmass (Australia) Pty Ltd in September 98.
Elmass is a specialised niche operation that offers cutting internal keyways and splines as a service Australia wide. Using Elmass Belgium’s unique NC broaching technology coupled with Martin’s flawless approach to customer service and product quality has seen Elmass become a household name in the precision machining industry.

Martin’s plan to retire and hand over the company to someone trusted who he felt would continue its good name led to G&O Kert, one of Martin’s first customers.

As from the 1 st July 2020 Elmass is now part of the G&O Kert future success story, a perfect fit into our precision machining service and a solid addition to both our capability and competitive advantage.