Idler Assembly

The smooth & reliable integration of the bus engine with the air conditioning compressor depends on the adjuster idler arm assembly.

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G&O Kert, an engineering company in Brisbane backed by over 30 years of experience in servicing a range of industries including the transport sector provides you a dependable adjustable idler arm assembly that promises perfection and delivers it.

What makes our adjustable idler arm assembly so popular?

Our adjustable idler arm assembly is a product of advanced precision engineering that makes it one of the best in the market today. G & O Kert supply a range of A and B section pulley options including 1:1 ratio & 7 variations of stepped pulley assemblies that meet most compressor / engine rpm mismatch. These are available off the shelf from G&O Kert. Need something special? Contact our sales team for a solution to your problem.

What are some features?

Some of the other salient features of our adjustable idler arm assembly are; all components machined from solid machine grade steel, all parts finished in gold electro zinc plating, pulley assemblies fitted with sealed high-end Japanese bearings and a bottom bracket fitted with a Tufcot bearing that does not require lubrication. The use of high-quality materials and advanced CNC machining has eliminated the possibility of cracking due to resident frequencies. When compared to the other fabricated assemblies available in the market today, the adjustable idler arm assembly manufactured by G&O Kert perform better for longer.

Why pick G&O Kert?

At G&O Kert, we operate a machine shop fully equipped with design and manufacture facility that include state of the art CNC lathe, welding and other CNC machinery that gives us complete control over quality and enables us to meet your specific requirements. We have extensive experience in producing “special” engine and compressor pulleys to accommodate “V” and multi-groove requirements. We offer a full range of spare parts or spare part kits including pulley assembly and bottom bracket refurbishment kits.

Our performance in the market

Over the past five years, our adjustable idler arm assembly has been fitted to over 2500 buses in Australia. Recently, our product was used in over 300 buses belonging to the Brisbane City Council. While new buses were equipped with our assembly, many were also retrofitted to improve their reliability and performance. We consider it a privilege that our product has found acceptance across the continent by both private and government sectors.  

Shipping Information

We ship our assemblies and spare parts to all parts of Australia through surface transport or airfreight, based on the needs of the client. We have been able to consistently live up to our promise of quality and have become suppliers of choice for a wide range of leading bus builders and bus air conditioning installers all over Australia.

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For more details about our adjustable idler arm assembly and other engineering services.

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