Precision Component Manufacture

G&O Kert provides a high-end precision machined component manufacturing service

Our Precision machined component manufacturing service that incorporates heat treatment, surface coatings and finishes, gear & spline cutting & precision fabrication through a trusted network of high-end manufacturing specialists.

From concept to completion, our precision component manufacturing service covers the whole process. Starting with sourcing specialised raw materials via a wide range of highly regarded industry leading suppliers, through to “in house” complex multi axis machining processes and finished off by Australia’s coating and heat treatment experts, our precision machined component manufacturing service is a well oiled and refined system that guarantees quality, delivered on time. 

Our high precision multi axis machine tool facility can manufacture the most complex precision componentry to the exact specifications of the client. This is backed up by our coordinate measuring machine and an ISO9001-2015 quality system integrated in our ERP manufacturing system.

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