Internal Keyways & Splines

G&O Kert operates a highly specialised keyway & spline broaching cell at it’s facility in Acacia Ridge.

Keyways and splines or even internal hexagons are generally manufactured through broaching, slotting, milling, EDM or wire cutting. Each method has its own restrictions, particularly in the length they can achieve. Misalignment, deflection, vibration and size limitations are common problems faced by engineering workshops using conventional methods to cut keyways or splines in long parts.
The guided elmass® broaching tools offer many advantages and eliminate common problems such as misalignment of the keyway as well as vibration or deflection of the cutting tool which are associated with conventional broaching and slotting machines. Our guided broaches are self-centering and force the cutter to be in a 90 degree angle to the bore. The eccentric guide bush inhibits any deflection of the tool bar. This results in a keyway or spline, that maintains the depth over the entire length of the cut.
Across its four CNC-controlled broaching machines, G&O Kert are able to broach keyways and splines to suit any application. The P36-700 three-axis machine can broach keyways up to 36mm wide and 700mm long, and splines up to 500mm long, in blind or through bores. The P36 has a usable machine frame height of 1,400mm. This allows it to accommodate very long shafts that require a blind keyway or spline.
On the opposite end, the fast and efficient P10-200 machine can broach 2mm-10mm keyways and splines in small parts up to 200mm long, and is highly suitable for mass-production.



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