2020, Challenging On Every Level

Mazak Integrex I 250HS X 1000U With Robotic Loading Joins Our Fleet of Mazak Equipment.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that 2020 was an assault on everyone’s concept of normality.  This new year will see everyone dealing with things as the “New Norm” that a year ago was the stuff of Armageddon.

Overall, the Antipodeans have stood out globally in their approach to public safety and resolve in the face of adversity. Many industries finding themselves busier than ever as a result of government stimulus and local spending.

Looking forward against the backdrop of China’s regional bluster and the isolationist tack of the last US administration, the focus is clearly on Australia’s capability to manufacture and the future need to.

It’s never been a better time to boost capability and skills and that’s what Ian and the G&O Kert team have been doing.

Our latest addition to the apprentice team, Brock, joined us 5 months ago around the same time Ian invested in a new piece of kit, the new Mazak Integrex I 250HS X 1000U with robotic loading on order through John Hart… Given 4-5 years of training and Brock should be ready to take over the reins of this cutting edge piece of equipment.